Famous Nusa Penida Beach Among Tourists

Famous Nusa Penida Beach Among Tourists – If you want to take a vacation to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali, you don’t have to go to Kuta or Denpasar. At present Bali Island has new prima donnas that are currently on the rise and many have become the target of both local and foreign tourists. Nusa Penida Island which is the largest of the three small islands near Bali. The location is not far away, only separated by the Badung Strait and if you want to go there you only need 1 hour by boat. Nusa Penida beach tourism and the sea will make you feel amazed by the beauty it presents.

Here is the beach of Nusa Penida, which is a favorite of tourists and has always been the target of every visit to Nusa Penida.

1. Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is not like the Nusa Penida beach in general, this place is an estuary that ends at the sea. The thing that distinguishes this place from other river estuaries is that there is a crush of coral that forms a longitudinal pond at the end of the estuary. If you want to go to this place then you have to go down the rock cliff which is quite steep and sharp so you have to be careful. But all the fatigue is paid if you have arrived at this place, you will be served with fresh Tosca green water that looks sparkling so clear.

Nusa Penida Beach wisata nusa penida Angel's Billabong

2. Kelingking Beach

Nusa Penida Beach was known by the wider community, especially by new foreign tourists a few years ago. You will find interesting things when the water on this beach is receding. Later you will be presented with a very clear view of the Manta ray fish swimming around the coast. You can enjoy this amazing thing if you visit this place in October. In addition, you can find many caves along the coast and inside you will find many bird nests wallet.

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3. Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay Beach is a favorite beach for many people. not surprising because this place you can use on vacation with children. This seawater tends to be calm and the waves there are also relatively small so it is safe to use playing or swimming by children. This beach also has a comfortable atmosphere used to relax. This beach has clear and sparkling sea water like a crystal. You can also see coral reefs and marine biota that swim around the waters just from the surface. You can even enjoy the marine nautical, and find a variety of unique and beautiful fish and charming coral reefs.

Nusa Penida Beach pantai crystal bay nusa penida baliNusa Penida Beach pantai crystal bay nusa penida bali

4. Broken Beach

Nusa Penida Beach is also one of the favorite beaches of tourists while on vacation to this place. From the top of this place you will see a cliff that circles and protrudes towards the sea. In broken beach, there is a broken cliff that resembles a tunnel, but some also call it a bridge. This scene is very harmonious with the blue sea.

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Those are some of the beaches of Nusa Penida that are a favorite of everyone who visits Nusa Penida. That’s because these beaches have extraordinary beauty that fascinates everyone who visits them. No wonder if every one who visits will immediately fall in love. Even if you choose a tour package one day in Nusa Penida then generally you will be invited to tour the four attractions. so if you go to Nusa Penida it will be very regrettable if you don’t visit the beaches as described.