Nusa Penida Island – Underwater Tourism Lovers

Nusa Penida Island For Destination Underwater Tourism Lovers – The beauty of nature will not be endless if we want to explore further. Ah, the beauty is not only found on land but also can be far below sea level. Seeing the beach from the surface is something that is usually done by many people. You can enjoy amazing marine nautical with tourist attractions in Nusa Penida which is a favorite dive site for tourists.

Here are some dive sites that you can enjoy while on vacation at tourist attractions in Nusa Penida.

1. Manta Point

Manta Point is a tourist spot in Nusa Penida that is used as a dive site. This place is also one of the favorites of divers who want to see the underwater beauty. The stunning underwater panorama is one of the mainstays of the manta point that can amaze every visitor. If you dive at Manta Point then you can swim with mantas or giant rays that are there.

Nusa Penida Island Wisata Nusa Penida Manta PointNusa Penida Island Wisata Nusa Penida Manta Point

2. Buddhist Temple

Temple Giving Buddhist names in tourist attractions in Nusa Penida can not be separated from the presence of Buddhist statues placed under the sea. This place is a snorkeling place that is perfect for those of you who like to take pictures because you will get an unusual view. This Buddha statue was deliberately made by the manager for the sake of tourism. This certainly attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists who want to see the sights of the Buddha under the sea.

Nusa Penida Island budha-temple-nusa-penida-Nusa Penida Tours And Travel

3. Crystal Bay Beach

Crystal Bay Beach is also a tourist spot in Nusa Penida which is the destination of tourists. The sea water in this place is also very beautiful and sparkling like a crystal compiling from sunlight. While clear, you can see coral reefs and sea fish swimming from the speedboat using the naked eye. Especially if you decide to swim, then you will see fascinating marine nautical.

4. Malibu Point

One of the dive sites in Nusa Penida is known to have a very good level of visibility. This makes tourists choose to make this place a choice of diving spots. Not only that, the area has more coral reefs and a very famous blue shark. If you can dive to a depth of 40 meters from the surface of the water, you can swim with a herd of sharks that are familiar with human existence.

5. Meling Stone

Batu Meling is a diving spot that is no less beautiful and will not be forgotten when you dive into it. This tourist spot in Nusa Penida has very clear waters so you can see the marine life clearly. The interesting thing about this spot is that you can find hills that are overgrown with weeds like the hills that are on the land on the inside of the waters. In the hills there is a rock that has a hole so called Batu Meling.

Nusa penida beach baru meling

By visiting tourist attractions in Nusa Penida, which is a point for diving, you can see various underwater charms. There are so many dive spots that you can visit in Nusa Penida, you just need to adjust to your time and desire. even if you are lucky you can dive with the amazing variety of manta species. Swim with sharks that are familiar with human beings, you can also do it in Nusa Penida. So immediately pack your items and plan a vacation in Nusa Penida as soon as possible.