Nusa Penida Tourism For Diving And Snorkeling Lovers

Nusa Penida Tourism For Diving And Snorkeling Lovers – Nusa Penida is known by foreign tourists because of the enchanting beauty of the marine nautical. In this place you can do unlimited snorkeling and diving and can choose the spot you want to use. Because Nusa Penida offers not only one dive spot, so you can enjoy a different atmosphere every time you dive. If you want to use the Nusa Penida tour package for holidays, you can have a package plus snorkeling. That way you can enjoy swimming with diverse and beautiful fish.

Here are some dive spots in Nusa Penida that can be your reference besides the favorite spots that are often on the Nusa Penida tourism package.

1. Gamat Bay

Gamat bay is a snorkeling spot that you choose in the tourist package Nusa Penida that is interesting and must be visited by tourists. The location is in Nusa Penida in the west, so it is not crowded with tourists. Gamat bay has natural conditions that are still beautiful and natural, the condition of the waters is also very clean and clear so it is suitable for snorkeling while calming down. This place has sand that feels soft and clean with colorful corals that look beautiful. This place is a habitat for various fish such as pelagic fish, sunfish, stingrays and even sharks.

Nusa penida Tourism Gamat Bay

2. Toyapakeh

Toyapakeh is not too far from Gamat Bay and is one of the best and favorite diving locations for tourists on Nusa Penida tourism. If you want to try it, then you will choose the Nusa Penida tour package for this destination. At a depth of 6 meters, you can find a collection of soft and hard corals with hordes of beautiful fish that welcome you while diving. Some types of fish that you can find when diving such as jack fish, trevally, banner fish, moray eels, porcupine and scorpionfish.

3. Buddhist Temple

Called Buddha Temple because this one snorkeling spot has a buddha statue at the bottom of its waters. The Buddha statues are deliberately placed for the sake of tourism and attract visitors to choose the Nusa Penida tour package that goes to this place. Many local and foreign tourists are interested in enjoying the beauty of the Buddhist Temple which has Buddhist statues and temples located under the sea. If you want to enjoy its beauty, you can just get off the boat and dive in about 7 meters.

Nusa Penida Island budha-temple-nusa-penida-Nusa Penida Tours And Travel

Formerly the underwater waters in this place were very dirty and not interesting to visit. But because of the creativity of the community, in a few years ago a buddha statue was made in this place to attract visitors to this place. Even now there are many tourists who book the Nusa Penida tour package with this choice because they are curious about its beauty. Because for a long time these statues have begun to mossy and even overgrown with corals and anemones which are playing areas for small fish.

For you watersport lovers in the form of snorkeling and diving, of course Nusa Penida is like a paradise that you can explore its beauty. Of course you can feel a different diving sensation because the waters are still very beautiful. Even for those of you who are just trying to dive for the first time you can do it in Nusa Penida tourism. Therefore there is no need to hesitate if you want to take the Nusa Penida tour package plus snorkeling. Of course you will not feel loss after seeing the maritime maritime charm that can always hypnotize the visitors.