Tips for Choosing Lodging in Nusa Penida for Groups

Tips for Choosing Lodging in Nusa Penida for Groups – Guest house Can be a smart solution for lodging in Nusa Penida if you are on vacation with the group. That’s because when compared to staying in other hotels or accommodations, the price will be much cheaper if calculated per person. Staying at a guest house will be more comfortable because it feels like you are at home. Even has more private spaces such as areas to relax and chat with family and friends. Even some guest houses are equipped with beautiful gardens and swimming pools as in private villas. Not only that, staying at a guest house, you can also use the kitchen even with complete cooking utensils.

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Although there are various advantages of choosing lodging in Nusa Penida in the form of a guest house but you still need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Available Capacity and Additional Bed

Because lodging in Nusa Penida was chosen for the group’s stay, capacity became one of the important things when choosing a guest house. If you choose incorrectly, you can pay more for the costs that each person must bear. Choose the capacity of the guest house whose number of beds corresponds to the number of your group. If indeed the room is lacking, sometimes the guest house also provides extra beds if the space is still possible.

2. Guard

Some inns in Nusa Penida in the form of guest houses have 24-hour guards, can be male, female or both. In addition to maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the guest house, the presence of a house keeper can also be relied upon if you need help at any time. You can ask about tourist attractions or culinary centers that are close to lodging. But sometimes the presence of a guard can also make you feel less free and uncomfortable because it’s like being watched. The existence of this guard has its own less and more value.

3. Kitchen and Cooking Equipment

Even though you don’t intend to cook while on vacation, the presence of kitchen utensils such as glasses and other equipment can be used to make tea or coffee. Another case if from your home you plan to hold a cooking or burning event to enjoy quality time with the group at Nusa Penida. So the kitchen equipment that is quite complete can be an important requirement that must be available in the guest house. For families on vacation to bring babies or toddlers, the kitchen is also an important facility that must be available in the place to stay. This will make it easier if you have to make milk for young children.

4. Toiletries

If you spend the night at the inn in Nusa Penida in the form of a guest house you will find two types. A quite luxurious place with complete facilities like in a star hotel, but there are also guest houses with standard or ordinary facilities. Such guest houses generally do not provide toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes and towels. Therefore it would be better if you bring it yourself from home. You can also take it when you are on vacation to a tourist attraction and need to cleanse the body in that place.

The following tips can be useful for you when deciding to choose a guest house as an inn in Nusa Penida with your group. You can be more comfortable occupying a guest hose while getting a cheaper price. Even so you still have to be observant in choosing the guest house that you want to choose as a shelter with your family while in Nusa Penida. Don’t let your vacation with your loved ones be less fun because of uncomfortable accommodations.